Agenda 2021

We have exciting news! 

We are announcing our wallet and exchange app very soon so that BTHG and the Diamond Coin can finally take its place in the crypto world. We look forward to an exciting time ahead!


The first users were redirected from February 1, currently we are overloaded and will probably make the next opening in early March.


We also receive requests regarding the app, this will definitely come as soon as possible. Due to the Corona situation we have home office and this is disadvantageous for such complex developments. However, we are doing our best day by day.


Our recommendation is also to wait for the app, so that the complicated way via the transaction does not have to take place.



BTHG Exchange

Send the BTHG coins to the following address and submit an ETH or BTC wallet using the form below. It is important to mention the quantity or the MyCoinsTrade username so that we can match the transaction. 


The last chance to change before. The official Exchange is not expected to launch until September 2021. With this option we would like to offer our loyal members.


Current list price: US$505.18


The official ETH wallet for a BTHG or Diamond Coin transaction: 0x379870D169E1B8f92ABdDC8c5C9A26F2FC44E284


1. transfer the coins to the wallet.
2. enter the transaction and note the username in it as well.
3. The system will automatically merge both the input and the transaction.
4. you will receive a confirmation email.

5. payment is received on the wallet deposited in the account (within a short time, but at least in five working days).